01 December 2011

what i'd really like to "occupy" right now is my refrigerator.

well my throat is feeling better, yeah!

but my body is so sad right now, it's quite unfortunate.  i woke up this morning with all sorts of shaking and weak/feeble-ness and decided, well, there goes today! and i jumped right back in bed, i did!  i suspect it's due to the combination i've been forced to put together involving the big blue pills and the most awful diet in the world.

yesterday i only ate oatmeal and rice.  i was so sad yesterday.  this morning i snuck in a glass of grape juice with my oatmeal, and hopefully i didn't just condemn myself to terrible things.  but i'm just not meant to eat bland foods, i tell you!  once this is over, i am never going on a diet ever in my life.

do you know why?  it's because all i can think about are all the foods that i cannot eat!  that's definitely what i've been doing for three days, and it is the worst, willy!

like, right now i really want some of the sushi kylie had last week.

or some french fries dipped in chocolate milkshake (this phenomenon is best experienced via in-n-out, but if you aren't lucky enough to have one near you, wendy's is definitely a great alternative).

and i have all kinds of hankerings for macaroni and cheese (the spongebob-shaped ones, please?) with peas mixed in.  no idea why the peas have to be there, but they just do because it sounds sooooo delicious.

i'm thinking of a myriad of other things i want to eat right now, but it's too sad and depressing, so i must stop.
no happy people exist on diets, i just know it.

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