31 December 2011

stop reviewing 2011, please!

the only thing i hate about december?  lazy news reporting.  december is full of year in review "articles."
the top news stories // the top-selling albums/movies/books // the celebrities who did the dumbest things // the divorces that came out of nowhere (but not really) // the top ten gadgets of the year // the deaths that made us the most sad
lazy.lazy.LAZY.  there will be NO "third time's a charm: in review" here, thank you very much.

it is good to know that tomorrow, it will all be over and we don't have to worry about it for another eleven months.  a small victory indeed, but january first needs something going for it.

in all honesty, new years is mostly a bleh holiday.  it's not my favorite.  it's too cold to go out and see the fireworks, the mummers FREAK ME OUT, and i can barely stay up to midnight anymore.  granted, i understand that these problems are mostly regional and can be remedied with something as simple as... arizona.  duh!!  but as long as the hoodlums live in pa and i decide to be with them every time this year, i'm outta luck.

new years is leastly a bleh holiday because it means family time for us.  we always play games, eat lots of food, and probably watch a movie.  small and simple.  no bells and whistles (figuratively and literally), no outsiders to witness us in all our embarrassing hoodlum-glory, and certainly no reason to have a hangover the next morning.

definitely not.
a good time?

for us, today is the last time our family is all together for who knows how long this time... maybe we'll hit a full year again.

for me, today is the same kind of day it is every year - one of reflection/nostalgia/painful memories/planning/goal-making.

for you, today is whatever you make of it (highly clichéd, i know).

have a great new years, and end this holiday season on a good note!
postscript!  wanna know what we look like piled into a minivan?  you know you do!!

we're real party animals, can't you tell??  pictures of head-petting and sleeping family members?  our new years parties are WILD, you better believe it!  also, we should be in one of those minivan commercials, we'd be perfect.  especially when we're in our we've been in traffic forever mode.


  1. Okay. I just followed over here because Nat the Fat Rat linked to your cute Christmas tree. And then I saw you were a creative writer, which, as a writer, always catches my eye. And then I clicked to this post and I'm DYING on the inside (and outside, according to my husband) because you are SO RIGHT. I haven't read a single blog or magazine article this week. I just roll my eyes as I skim over the titles. Here's the best one I've seen on the blogs: "My favorite photos from 2011." So, like, they just repost photos they've already posted. WHAT?


    Loved this post. Love your blog. I'm now officially following (and likely nodding my head in agreement).


  2. yessss, someone who agrees with me!! thanks so much for your comment and for visiting, sarah!! your compliments are super nice and very much appreciated. :)