30 December 2011

saying goodbye to christmas.

today we took down christmas at our house.  :(  it was sad.  plus, mother goose has told me twice (TWICE!) that this christmas is probably the last christmas i'm going to be here, because next year i'll "probably have a full-time job."  what the heck, she's practically uninvited me to christmas next year!!  besides, i don't even know why a hypothetical job pushes christmas off the table.

yesterday our family drove down to the washington, dc temple.  it is such a pretty temple, i love it!  all of the mormon girls go on and on about the san diego temple and how pretty it is, how it's like a castle, getting married there makes you feel like a princess, blahblahblah.  well the dc temple is WAY better, and it looks more like a castle than san diego, so there!

(btw, the check out better pictures of this temple here!)

but one of the best parts about visiting here during christmastime is the visitors' center.  there are so many pretty christmas trees there.  like this one!

aaaaaand, the international nativity exhibit.  these were some of my favorites:

i can't remember what country this was from, sorry!

this one made us laugh... a japanese Jesus!

this year, brazil was highlighted because the ambassador of brazil helped kickstart the festival of lights at the visitors' center this year.  i really liked their nativity sets, and they pretty much solidified my sneaking suspicion that all cool things come from or are related to brazil.

last cool thing i saw?  a special television that was ipad-controlled so that you could watch mormon.org features!!  (my two favorites are here:  1 // 2     also, check this out!!)

i love christmas.  i love the lights and the decorations, and i love that everyone is happy and nice to each other.  it makes me sad when christmas is over because it goes away, even though it shouldn't.  as part of my resolutions for the new year, i'm making it a goal to keep the spirit of christmas with me the entire year.  and then next christmas (a pennsylvania christmas or not) i'll be EXTRA prepared.

regardless, i think visiting a temple visitors' center for their festivities and special holiday exhibits are a great way to start (like kylie and i did on thanskgiving!) and end the christmas season.  so if you can't make it now, make sure you drop by a temple visitors' center  next year so you can see all kinds of festive decorations like these!  find the closest temple to you here!


  1. I LOVE your pictures. I am so happy you all got to go to the temple together. I love your attitude; you tell those mormon girls the way it is, hunny, and you just keep on doing it. I can't believe you're almost done with school!? Next time you're in town, we should go shopping--I told Bekki I would take her to give her an idea of the kinds of clothes I like, 'cause she's always complimenting me. We could all go! ;)

  2. DEFINITELY, that would be way fun!!