24 December 2011

a (sad-ish) christmas story.

did santa claus exist in your house when you were little?  he did in mine, and i believed in him straight up to the christmas of my twelfth birthday.  i will never forget how i found out santa wasn't real: i accidentally found a present in a cupboard with a label already made that said it was from santa claus.  i'm pretty sure i cried, and i was so upset that my parents lied to me!  i remember being angry at them and promising to never trust them ever again.

looking back, i guess it doesn't really make a lot of sense.  i didn't believe in the tooth fairy or the easter bunny - why was santa any different?  and the labels on the presents from santa were ALWAYS written in mom's handwriting.  but she said that santa asked her to wrap and label the presents for him because he was too busy (lazy elves, what good were they then?!?) and i believed her.  and we learned about him extensively in first grade and did all kinds of activities where we made saint nicholas artwork.  i wasn't going to guess that things i learned in school were lies!

naturally, i'm wary of making santa claus exist in my house when i've got kids of my own.  at this point, i just see way more cons than pros to making him "real," and i don't think it's worth it.  especially if my kids end up being senseless boneheads like me.

anyway, what are your christmas traditions like?

on christmas eve we always have a special family home evening and we read the christmas story from the bible.  then we all pile into the car with our blankets and pillows and drive around to look at the decorated houses (YES to lights!  BIG FAT NO to inflatable displays!)  when we come home we do the open-one-present thing.

on christmas we always have a dinner, just like thanksgiving.  i'm in charge of making mashed potatoes, and we will certainly learn from our thanksgiving mistakes.  then we usually watch the movies we opened, or maybe a football game (not this year though, they're all on christmas eve!).

we also watch it's a wonderful life and have an end-of-the-year christmas newsletter!  this year was the first year i wrote it!  let's just say, it's been better in years past.

but basically, family is our christmas tradition.  with or without the big man in red.

have a great christmas, and spend time with or call your family this weekend!!


  1. Okay, I really enjoyed this story. I've been concerned about this whole Santa thing too. I remember I fought, for years, what I had the feeling was true--Santa wasn't real. What's ironic is I still fight what my gut tells me, and I do it for long periods of time. I wouldn't go so far as to say it started with Santa, but . . . hey.

  2. me too, i don't know if it's denial or if i want to believe that certain "unreal" things are actually true... or both.

  3. Follow your gut, Kristin. You're a woman--I think that makes you right most of the time, and I'm not kidding about that one! :)