27 December 2011

pathetic-life problems.

i was looking through old yearbooks yesterday... scary.  lots of pictures with permed, curly hair - more of them than ones with just straight hair!

when i got to my photo and blurb from senior year, i saw what a snotty little elitist i was.  plus, i was one pretentious clothes-conscious-person (i hate the word fashionista, and i refuse to use it... you can't make me!) and it was totally evident in my little blurb.  so embarrassing!!

ESPECIALLY given the fact that i am so bad at clothes shopping now!  i tried buying some new clothes for myself a few times this last semester and i couldn't do it, it was so hard.

i know what you're thinking.  puh-lease girl, get some real-life problems.

well, don't worry about it person!  i've probably got real-life problems coming my way eventually.

but do you think you could stomach a pathetic-life problem first??  i got this skirt last week:

total hip-check pose!!

a maxi-skirt, whaaaaat?? 

when the "maxi trend" first came out a few years ago, i was NOT on board.  i didn't like it at all.  plus, every mormon girl and her mom bought a maxi dress and then wore a white t-shirt under it.  non merci.  but for some reason i really like this long skirt (minus the wrinkles)!!

i just need to figure out what to wear with it (for the record, i broke a BIG shopping rule with this one... see postscript!).

i'm thinking a chambray shirt (i finally bought one and i'm so excited!!), probably sandals of a sort (flat ones, most likely), and some kind of belt.  it has almost come together in my head, and by the time summer comes back hopefully it will all be there!
postscript shopping tip: when you find something you think you like, NEVER buy it in accordance with the sentiment: i'm sure i can find something to wear with it!

that's like buying a cute dress that's too small and telling yourself well, i'll lose the weight so i can wear it!

if i was on a shopping trip with a girl who said these things, to both i'd say it's not gonna happen, sweetheart.

in a nice way, of course.

but really, i WILL find something to wear with this skirt!!!


  1. Oh I totally dig this post. I have had the hardest time figuring this fashion thing. I love to shop now. I still buy things that I end up hating on me, but I think I'm getting the jive of it. I told Bekki I would take her shopping. We should all go. It would be so much fun.

  2. i totally agree, to all of that!! and it sounds silly, but shopping (and being good at it) takes practice. good for spending time, bad for bank account, haha!

  3. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of wasted money. I hate that part, but hey, we like to look good and we need to feel good. grrr.