22 December 2011

jack of all trades: zwahlen's edition.

i've had a few different jobs in the last five or so years, and it's always interesting to see which different events or times of the year are cause for stress with different jobs.  there are a couple at the grocery store - usually big food holidays (easter, july fourth, labor day, thanksgiving, christmas).  at the libraries it was finals time.  at chase field it was pretty much every day there was a game, but it wasn't until the all-star events i experienced working ten hours straight through.

yesterday and today i experienced christmas-madness at zwahlen's, a family-owned ice cream and chocolate store here in pa.  kylie works here, and bekki used to work there.  i am not employed there, but i helped out with essential busy-work type things like wrapping apples and other chocolate treats and filling chocolate boxes.

and man-oh-man i am quite content with just being a customer, thank you very much.

these chocolates were a pain in the bum.  it doesn't look like it's hard to place 32 chocolates alternating dark and light with no repeats in this box, but it is.  filling them all was like a puzzle, and you better bet i was stoked when i finished mine.  fists and shouts of victory were in the air, i tell you!

anyway, all of the work i did was so that the displays at the store could look a little bit like this:

for about five minutes, until customers came and wiped out hours of work in minutes.  makes me second guess whether or not i want to take some of these things back to arizona with me, now that i know the work involved.  i feel bad!

but their apples are soooo yummy!  typically i've always like the strudel ones the best - apple covered in caramel, then white chocolate, and then cinnamon and sugar.  but for some reason, working with so many and smelling them all day has made me not want one at all for a very long time.  so for me, next up are the peanut ones - apple, caramel, salted peanuts (sweet and salty combo, yeah!), and dark chocolate.  the zebra is a good, simple one (apple, caramel, milk chocolate, plus white and dark chocolate stripes), and i really want to try the turtle one (apple, caramel, pecan, milk chocolate, plus dark chocolate stripes).  you can check all of 'em out here!

i did learn a new replacement-swear word, though!  another worker accidentally dropped an item on the floor - i think it was peppermint bark or something.  anyway, when she did she whispered oh sugar-boogers!  it's funny because it rhymes.  and i'm twelve years old.

and don't worry, she threw the bark away.

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