09 December 2011

it's a christmas miracle!!

do you know what this picture means?
it means that this post is full of happiness and cheer.

so, when i know that people are coming to my house, i make sure that my front doors are unlocked.  partly because i don't want to worry about walking all the way from the kitchen (because you know that's where i'm going to be) all the way to the front door (25 feet max), but mostly because it's cold now and i don't want people to have to wait out in the cold on the front stoop, ya know??

anyway, jon once told me: you should be more careful, you know.

and i was like, who would waltz into my house and attack me?  and for what?  i got nothin' in here 'cept for a loaded kitchen!


yesterday i had an unexpected visitor, and people did i get the shock of my life.  because what do you know, it was a christmas tree that waltzed through my front door!!  :O

thanks to the magic of boyfriends, i have a christmas tree and i am so excited!!  we believe he (the tree, that is) hails from oregon, which i think is kind of cool because i've never had a christmas tree that didn't grow up down the street, being from pennsylvania and all.  it doesn't smell as strongly of christmas as the trees from down the street, but there must be something magical about oregon-land (don't believe me? see here) because my tree is so soft!

anyway, we set him up and then we went out to find lights and christmas decorations (shatterproof!!) at wally world and target (too po' for fancy decorations, too busy with finals for cutesy handmade dingers).  we decided the color scheme for the tree would be red, gold, and sparkly.  when we got home we used a big red scarf with sea turtles on it that i got in cozumel last summer with the family, and then we destroyed my box of paper clips and hung the ornaments.  glitter was promptly scattered across hands, faces, clothes, and beard.

and this is what he looks like:

his name is godric.  if you're a harry potter fan (and why shouldn't you be?!?), you agree with me in deciding that this is an incredibly fitting name for our tree.

in conclusion, christmas is officially here at my house!!  i keep singing this song in my head around my house: i have a christmas tree, la la la!

thank you jon for deciding that my complaints about no christmas tree were unbearable and for doing something about it.  you are the best!!  :)


  1. I love that you named your tree Godric!

    visiting you from natthefatrat.com

  2. thanks for visiting and for the comment! hope you had a great christmas! :)