21 December 2011

i could be your welcome, i could be your greeter.

yesterday's flying experience was as top-notch as they come.  complete with mild turbulence and everything, yessss!!!

the only small problem was security in phoenix.  normally i don't have any trouble, but the security man eyed my mismatched socks disapprovingly, and the security lady groped my hair bun to check for explosives (she couldn't even reach).  oh the injustice!  lawsuit!!

and while i was waiting at my gate, there was an incredibly nice family sitting in front of me.  they were so nice, no one wanted to alert the dad to the white-socks rule (sneaks only... if then) or the mom to the tennis-shoes-with-jeans rule (frumpy gym teachers only)... poor folks, they don't even know how good they've got it.  no one wants to hurt their feelings!

after a four and a half hour flight, a one hour stinking wait at baggage claim, and then a two+ hour drive home because of traffic, i stepped foot into my old house.  i tried to lay down on the floor in the living room near the hood's fat ole christmas tree (i'd take a picture, but it's so fat i probably need a fish-eye lens or something!), but then my face got attacked by dogs and they thought it would be funny to lick my ears.  non merci.

it got dark right at five.  this fact, plus me being dead tired equaled me going to bed at seven (five o'clock in az time).

and fourteen hours later (i was tired okay?!?  and i'm a growing kid!!!)... i woke up at nine (seven o'clock in az time).  with some dogs in my face.

yep, this is home.

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