23 December 2011

hangin' with the amish!

a family favorite of ours is to go to lancaster county to chill with the amish.  they are so cool!!  i'm always for self-sufficient living and all that, and i think one of the coolest things is driving through amish country and seeing the lines of clothes blowing in the wind above the baby goats and sheep and cows.

our favorite spot is called kitchen kettle village in intercourse, pennsylvania (yes, that's the town's real name).  last time we went together was three years ago, and the hoodlums took this picture together:

this time, we got this one:

insert comment from mother about me not being able to take a nice picture.

our favorite places in this little shopping district are the smokehouse shop and the jam store.  we went here and also to this farmer's market.  note that these are all places where food are the products for purchase.  the food is always the best part of our visits, and usually the main reason for the visit itself.

1. cute girl is not for sale.

2. baby jams!

3. adult jams.  all of them are so good!!

4. meat.  vegetarians not welcome.

5. cheese.  my favorite!!

6. fudge and cookies.

7. delicious looking fruits and vegetables.

and of course, what would a visit be without seeing quilts for sale and other silly country-cutesy things for sale?

a successful trip, in my opinion.  and look what i found:

birch beer extract!  i didn't know such a thing existed.  i should have gotten some to learn to make birch beer on my own.  then i wouldn't have to pine for it in arizona all the time!

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