04 December 2011

doot doot christmas!

everyone is getting their christmas trees right now and i am green with envy.  baha, green...

i remember after my first semester in arizona i was totally confused.  i had always associated winter and christmas with cold weather, and i didn't get any of it until i went home in december.  and by that time, it was christmas already and i was like, well hang on a minute here bobby, we still have two months of cold left before christmas gets here!

i was so wrong and christmas came and i was so turned around and lost.

thankfully, i've acclimated (read: wussed out.  yeah, i said it!) and have become a real arizonian and i find winters in these arizona parts quite chilly after all.  so now christmas cannot creep up on me anymore.  weather-wise, at least.  i just realized christmas is three weeks from today and my stomach dropped a little.

i've been expanding myself and listening to christmas music that isn't charlie brown, and i've been listening to the christmas station on pandora a little bit.  i've also fallen into the "michael buble christmas" swirly vortex of a trap and have developed a real like for it.

aaaand, i just discovered fifteen minutes ago that she & him have a christmas album, whaaaaat???

it makes me a little bleh in the brain.  i don't hate it, but i think you have to be in a certain mood to really love it.  that certain mood would probably be depression, but whatever.  it's mellow and chill, and a break from chipper, bouncy christmas music... if that's something you want.

on a semi-unrelated note, how cute is m. ward??  i think he is a very cool man - he's got that unassuming thing going on and a kind of presence that's fleeting, and then once he's gone you're left pining and then think of the coolest places you know and assume he must be somewhere cooler than those places... being cool, of course.

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