19 December 2011

boring post: no pictures, lots of animated typing. sorry.

holy weekend!!  the troops are almost all home, m.rom is getting endorsements from all over the place (snl included), and kim jong-il is dead.  GEEZ people, leave some excitement for the rest of the week, yeah?
i have a slight confession to make, and it's only going to throw me deeper into the geek pit...
...but i am a HUGE primary election nerd.

my senior year i was a nut.  an obnoxious one.  i knew everything about every candidate, watched all of the major debates, and gave everyone in my government class an earful.  super tuesday was one of the most exciting days of my life, and i stayed up late for primary results all the time.  i volunteered as a poll worker (POLL, not POLE!!) on the day of pennsylvania's primary, and since pa's primary is a closed one, i made sure to (kind of) lie about my political affiliation so that i could vote in the primary.  no independents allowed.  :(

anyway, i am sososo major excited for january third to come.  AND, the best part is that i live on the west coast(-ish) now and i don't have to stay up as late to wait for all of the poll results to come in.  WOO!

but before january third, i go home!!  for the first time in almost a year!  yayayayaya, i'm excited.

i'm doing this "packing" thing (sort of), and it's not going so well because i keep getting distracted.  i've just been distracted by checking out what weather i'm heading into tomorrow, and i'd really like to fly home when it's sunshine-y and nice(ish), not rainy and wet.  who wants to make this happen for me?!?

anyway, i don't mean to brag or nothin'... but i am an expert packer and flier.  i counted, between january 2008 to now, i've boarded a plane sixteen times.  tomorrow will be my seventeenth (and the longest i've gone in between flights since 2008).  when you go through security at the airport, there's a separate section for "expert travelers" to go through.  they mean for snooty businessmen to go through there, but i could totally hold my own in that line.  i know how to get in and out of there lickety-split, and i even beat a businessman once.  he was in the line next to me, and i was secretly racing him.  dumb guy left his fancy watch on and made the alarm go off.

and packing, OH how i am an expert packer.  super efficient, no-nonsense.  last year i went home and packed everything for three weeks in just a carry-on.  BAM!  bet you've never heard of another girl who's done that.  this year, though, i'm checking a bag.  i learned last year that i'm always sent back to arizona with more things than i leave with.

anyway, happy monday yahoos.  it's the last monday until christmas!!  :O

postscript!  i know it's probably too late for the arizona primary, but should i be a registered arizona voter or a pennsylvania one??  i don't know what i'm supposed to be!  who can tell me??

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