03 November 2011

yeah, strangers!!

so, about what i said yesterday about not liking the idea of writing novels...

today i tossed around the idea of turning one of my stories into one.

actually, it's the story that i also posted yesterday.

in my creative writing class this semester, the bulk of our assignments involve reading novels and writing synopses for an imitation novel we would write based on the original one that we read (does that make sense?).  and then we would write a three page excerpt of that novel and share it with the class.

for example:

for this week we read gary shteyngart's super sad true love story (which i LOVE, and i'll probably talk about it again in the near future).  so i had to come up with an idea for a novel that incorporated some aspect of shteyngart's book and write a small passage of that book.

hard assignment for me, right?
because novels are hard for me to think about, remember?

only this time, i kind of cheated.  because i used my moonwater piece that i wrote this summer as my novel excerpt (in my defense, i hadn't submitted it as an assignment in any class before today, and it went along really well with what i wanted to draw from shteyngart's book).

so i had the imitation piece, i just needed to come up with a synopsis that matched it.  which was really hard.  and i didn't feel like doing it last night, so i did it this morning before i left for school.  in about two minutes.

and i kind of like it... question mark?

it's entirely possible that i'm just getting cocky after some really good feedback today after i read the piece to my class.

the instructor even said my thing reminded her of aimee bender (remember??).

which of course, unbeknownst to her, was kind of the best thing to hear ever.

even if it comes from strangers, sometimes validation is all i need to feel good about myself.

you can go on about how sad and pathetic that is,
and i can agree with you and make myself stop being silly,
but i was kind of sort of compared to my favorite writer today.
and i get to meet her in a few weeks.
so there.

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  1. Yay novels! Haha I am working on one, but at an incredibly slow pace! We should do writer's circles! That would be crazy awesome. Also, I couldn't get into Super Sad True Love Story, so I quit pretty early. Maybe I missed out on something great?