20 November 2011

what to be grateful for: i can do anything good!

so, in my twenty-two years of living i've heard, on more than one occasion, stories about people (usually children) really capturing the attention of listeners when they pray aloud for every.single.thing.they.can.think.of.

we're talkin' pillows, barbie and each of her accessories, every movie in the house, and trees.

people who comment later on these prayers also discuss how they aren't annoyed by this, but instead they are touched by how someone so young truly realizes how blessed and genuinely lucky they are to have the simple things available in life.

cue: this little girl.  she's not praying, but still.

(you'll want to click for the "deleted scene," trust me.)

i think... i'm going to do this every morning before i leave for the day.  yeah.

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