09 November 2011

sugar plum fairy, here i come.

once upon a time, long long ago...
i was a little ballerina.

this may or may not come as a surprise to you, but it's definitely true.  for many years of my life, i took ballet and jazz.

and i loved it.

i loved dancing.
i loved that every halloween i got to be a ballerina with silver glitter cheeks.
i loved tights and pretty, pale pink, chiffon skirts, and black leotards (which, i actually STILL love, and i have every confidence that i could pull off a black leotard with a pair of jeans).

there was one year when i was in a production of the nutcracker.  as i have never seen a production of the nutcracker in any way, shape or form, i can only tell you that i was one of the clowns that came out from under a big lady's dress.  i don't remember much, but i remember how thrilling it was to perform in front of all those people.

well folks, i've gone and signed me up for a ballet class next semester.  and you can bet i've been oogling leotards and pink ballet shoes online since that happened.

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