26 November 2011

sometimes you just have those days.

you know,

when you sleep in until 10:30 in the morning because you were up until the wee hours of the morning last night (read: midnight).  and then you get up and sort of (read: not really) do stuff for an hour, only to get tired again.  so you take a little nap (read: a two hour one) instead of work on a paper that you've kind of thought about (read: haven't researched for at all).

not to mention, i've pretty much disgraced myself by walking around wearing this all day, and when kylie and i go out for sushi later tonight, probably going to leave the house looking like this.  just so you know, i AM wearing shorts.

i'm calling it a hangover of sorts; the result of a combination of things, one of them being obnoxious sun devil student fans that i definitely did NOT miss as far as asu football goes (seriously, why did it take them four years to start thinking erickson should be fired, and when did it become okay to chant that sentiment before the game even started?).

aaaand, it was really a bummer going into the game and knowing it was our last of the season since utah lost to colorado yesterday.  and now ucla is going to the pac-12 championship game??  ANNOYING.  poor stanford, i'd be so mad if i went there!!

but it was still fun.  can i just say... marching bands are the best?  call me a geek and all, but the marching band has always been one of my favorite things about football games, and the SDMB is awesome.  "pride of the southwest," i believe they're affectionately called.

and going to the game with kylie was an experience in and of itself.  she kept saying weird/funny/random things like, i wish i was blonde because then i'd get married faster.  and she asked me if we prayed before our football games and i laughed.  i can't even imagine what a prayer before a football game would be like.

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