08 November 2011

okay, i'm over this.

remember what i said somewhere in here, about looking forward to it being "wonderfully chilly"?

and remember what i said here, like, a week ago?


PLEASE tell me when i became such a baby about the cold!

at worst, it's been in the low sixties the past few days, and i feel like i have never been colder in my life.

when i tell my mom about it, she calls me a wimp.  and spoiled.

which is entirely true.

but do the conditions have to be so, that everyone knows i'm a wimp and i'm spoiled because of course i have to be the kind of person who complains to everyone about it?

i got distracted when the picture took,
otherwise i would totally be making a sadface to the camera

yes, i'm wearing a big scarf today.
yes, the high today is going to be a balmy sixty-four degrees.
yes, i'm going to complain about it.


  1. Your dad just called you a "weanie".

  2. agreed. the air is too crispy here. im in my snow clothes and the heater is on