24 November 2011

larry the turkey.

i wore this shirt as a warning to larry, our thanksgiving turkey, that he should fear my fork.  you know, the one i was going to eat him with.

poor larry.  of all the families he could have been sold to, he fell in the clutches of 1/3 of the hood family...  and let's be honest, the goofyslashridiculousslashslightlyirresponsible third.

kylie was slightly annoyed with him last night while she was cleaning him and prepping him for this morning.  she was doing her thing, sticking her hand inside of larry when she asks, where are the giblets (she likes the innards, which i think is gross)??

she dug her hand in a little more, asked for a flashlight, and then said:

maybe he doesn't have giblets??
well that's rude!!

shortly after, she found them.  yay for her.

anyway, the progression of our thanksgiving today looked something like this:

1. food.

2. lots of it.

3. dishes.  lots.of.them.

4. food coma, slash, nap time.

5. charlie brown.   because it isn't a holiday without him.

6. and the pièce de résistance for dessert.

thanksgiving kind of stresses me out.  mostly because i think about how AMAZING of a job my dad does at turkey making and my mom at roll baking (even though every year she hates them), and then i think of being charged with thoses tasks someday and i know i can't live up to it.  proof: i make kylie do the turkey for me, and i bake rolls from a can that makes a funny pop noise when you open it and the dough spills out.

i think of what charlie brown says in the thanksgiving special:

i can't cook a thanksgiving dinner.  all i know how to make is cold cereal and maybe toast.

i don't have any WAH-WAAHHHH-WAH-WAAHHH-WAH-WAH adults around to help me cook a thanksgiving dinner, and so i kind of just wing it.  did you get that?  that charlie brown reference?  anyone??  no?  oh, okay.

if you ask her, kylie can tell you about the awesome(ly ridiculous) job i did with the stuffing.  she can also tell you about my having to boil the potatoes twice because i tried to mash them too early.  and then i'll tell you about how my cinnamon rolls didn't turn out as good as they have in the past.

not a magazine-perfect thanksgiving, to be sure.  no yams or cranberry sauce, because i think they're disgusting, and i have the thanksgiving palette of a five year old.  no black olives and dill beans like in pa because i forgot about the olives and i have no garden or equipment needed to can things (yet).  no pumpkin pie because i kind of don't like it too much and kylie doesn't like pumpkin.  no apple pie because i'm still working on an apple crisp i made at the beginning of the week.  no fancy table accessories and doilie-frilly napkins or special silverware or china plates.

but you know what?  thanksgiving for me has never been some big to-do where everything has to be fancy and perfect.

every year, my family would wake up on thanksgiving morning and do what we did the year before.  the kids cleaned the house while the parents cooked.  we did it with the macy's thanksgiving parade on television in the background.  we ate our dinner in the early afternoon, cleaned up, and maybe fell asleep in the living room watching one of the football games.  then at night, we'd eat dessert and watch home alone or some other movie together.

this morning, i woke up and cleaned my house.  i did it with the macy's thanksgiving parade on television in the background.  then kylie and i cooked.  we ate our dinner in the early afternoon, cleaned up, and definitely fell asleep in the living room watching arthur on pbs.  then at night, we went to see the temple lights and ate dessert.

i hope one day you get to experience the joys of a simple thanksgiving if you haven't already.  and i really hope that you enjoy this holiday season, now that it's officially been kicked off today.  enjoy your families, your traditions, and all of the good things you have in your life.  and i will, too.

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