15 November 2011

in which i tell you what i'm thinking. and, as it turns out, what you're thinking!

i know what you're thinking.  really, i do!  you're thinking,

kristin1!!  who do you think you are, not blogging for five!whole!days!  you’ve never gone this long without posting before except that time you went on a road trip, but even then you made up for it by posting multiple.times.a.day. when you came back.  i need to read about your awesome life and know everything that you’re doing all the time!!

and my counter thinking says,

goodness, that was a lot of exclamation points.  i have gone this long without blogging before, dear reader – sometime back in june, i believe.  i promise i won’t be so careless again.  i’m sorry that i’m so fantastic and that this fact causes you to be absolutely enthralled by everything that i do. 

and then you think,

very well.  entertain me, now.
so today i was at work.  you know, hangin’ with my homies of the paperback and hardback variety and getting my foster2 on, when i remembered something:

i used to have opinions.  lots of them!  and i used to tell people about them.  all the time!  and then i’d get in trouble.  BIG trouble!

i’m not really opinion pusher, and i haven’t really ever been.  i’ve just been more cautious in recent times about putting my thoughts out there in the open air that other people have to breathe.

but maybe i’m just suffocating and i can’t keep my opinions to myself anymore or else i’ll EXPLODE!  because i have opinions on a lot of things.  mostly on articles i read and the topics they discuss, but also other things.  and i’m just narcissistic enough that i think you should be fortunate enough to know what i think about these things.

and so, i’ve decided to not be so quiet about my opinions from here on out.  i’m not going to be loud and in your face, but i’m also not going to hold back (if the opinion concerns a bigger issue) because i think you might get offended.  because i think that you choose to be offended by opinions to begin with (what i’m saying is: if you’re offended by something i say that’s your fault, not mine3).

presented opinion #1 to come soon.  the institute parts here are much too cold, the hayden parts yonder were much too warm today, and i’m not quite up for the icky noble parts (baha, that sounds dirty4).  you just must wait until i get home tonight, for my housely parts are just right!


1. or khood, hoodie, hoodlum, hoodrat, bob… whichever name you have previously been privy to.
2. i, in no way, support mass shootings or massacrees of any kind (alice’s restaurant, anyone?  happy thanksgiving!!)
3. mmmyeeeeeah, shooting out opinions feels good.
4. yes!  i’m twelve and immature.