27 November 2011

cheeser pictures.

umm, so i like lights.  a lot.  enough that i'm willing to let myself be vain and camera un-shy to take pictures whilst draped in them.

1. i look like a giant in this photo.  a giant pluggd into a wall.  also, i can't tell if my left heel is on the floor or not.  not sure why that bugs me or catches my attention first... but it just does, steve!!

2. my hair bun looks like a pom-pom.

3. i'm shaped like a christmas tree.  this reminds me of that scene in a charlie brown christmas when charlie and linus are out looking for christmas trees.  linus raps on the aluminum one and says, this really brings christmas close to a person.  and then they find the sad little baby tree and linus asks, gee do they still make wooden christmas trees? and then he suggests that they don't "fit the modern spirit."  i'm sure to someone  somewhere a human christmas tree is modern and spirited.

4. buzz and kevin in home alone 2... anyone?  anyone?  ok, never mind.

5. um, yes i put two lights in my mouth.  i'm not sure why.  but look, my cheeks are glowing!
and of course, i have pictures of lights that matter.

but of course, we couldn't leave without some cheesy pictures, too.  one year in elementary school, we had to take pictures where we were kind of hugging this fake tree... that's what these remind me of:

especially this last one.
this is her scary face.

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