01 November 2011


do you want to know something that bothers me?  of course you don't.

i have this thing where I get annoyed when people start sentences with:

i remember when...

and they say it in a sort of snooty, know-it-all tone, like nobody else remembers when.

i've heard this snootiness accompanied by sentences like:

i remember when pluto was a planet.
i remember when that building was a parking lot.
i remember when gas cost 1.50 a gallon.

unless you're talking to your children who were born, like, yesterday... just about everyone at this point in life who you could possibly be speaking to will remember when pluto was a planet and when gas was 1.50 a gallon.

and that building that used to be a parking lot?  that parking lot existed one year ago.  maybe wait five or six years before you remember that parking lot and brag to someone about it, yeah?
in other, not-complaining news, here are some things that might catch your attention:

great idea.  the bike, i mean.

oh.my.gosh.  if this weren't so terrible, it would be absolutely hilarious and the best thing ever.

too many people!

hilarious story by one of my favorite writers, joel stein.  admittedly, a lot of what he writes teeters on the line of appropriate and not-appropriate, and some of his stuff is really quite outlandish for my tastes, but this blog post is so funny.  my favorite line is definitely: That lady is sparkly! (said, of course, in a high-pitched little kid's voice)

hey!  you should probably check out the other coolio people on this website too, you know.

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