10 November 2011

#1 party school.

so, people who know me semi-well know that i am NOT a penn state fan.

they are loud and obnoxious and overrated and self-righteous and i am clearly never any of these things.

cries of "we are penn state" make me wish i was deaf.

claims that the sky is blue because God supports the nittany lions make me sick.

and i remember how incredibly upset i was when i saw that this american life did an episode all on penn state, called #1 party school.  i was even more upset when i actually listened to it - i just got really annoyed and couldn't help but have negative feelings towards people in general.  and let's be honest here, i don't want to harbor those feelings to any degree for any amount of time.

that being said, i can put aside my feelings towards this school and the people that love it and declare without any bias that, what is rocking their world right now is incredibly sad and unfortunate and disappointing.  things that have happened and things that are happening right now shouldn't exist in this world, and it's a really terrible thing what some people think they can do to each other.  it is equally terrible that others can be totally aware and cognizant of a wrong taking place and making the completely active decision to do absolutely nothing about it.

regardless, i'm glad for the people in this world who choose to do the right thing, even if it's really hard.

and i'm really glad for this article and for the writer who said these things.

and i'm glad, even though they frustrate me to no end year after year, that the football organization associated with my school doesn't have to deal with this kind of thing.  i'll take a maddeningly overrated football coach like erickson over some sick troll any day.

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