26 October 2011

yeah, i have a problem.

so, you know how i kind of have a problem with impulses?


i bought tickets to see mutemath in phoenix in december, right after i saw they announced on their facebook page that they're coming after all in december (yeah social media!).

right after, as in two seconds after i saw the announcement.

no regard for the fact that:
1. they aren't headlining the show.
2. i'm in college and i need to pay bills and eat and stuff.
3. the show is on reading day and i might have a final the next day.

but now that i'm fifteen minutes past the moment, i can think about these things and reason with them.

1. they didn't headline the show last time i saw them and they were still a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
2. i'm in college and i'm supposed to do this kind of stuff.  like i can go to concerts when i have kids and stuff... yeah right.
3. i checked, and i do not have a final.  but even if i did, it still wouldn't be a big deal.  last year i went out late for a meteor shower instead of preparing for a final the next day, and i aced it.  no big deal (read: i'm awesome).

you could probably make an argument that would cause me to feel bad about this, but i highly suggest that you not.

to be honest, i'm pretty pleased with myself.


  1. You DO have a scholarship too!

  2. yeah, but i'd LIKE to have a savings.