03 October 2011

twenty-two things you may or may not know.

one: this day embarrasses me.

two: i like making lists because i love that oh-so satisfying feeling of crossing things off lists.  sometimes, i even mark on my list something that i've already done just so i can immediately cross it out and admire how good i am at completing tasks.

three:  anytime i'm asked to pick a number i always pick 3, just because it's the day of the month i was born on.  i say that 3 is my lucky number, but i can't recall a single time in which picking that number has ever worked out for me.

four: i'm not very good at crying.  i don't love the idea of crying, but i accept the fact that sometimes it's necessary in order to feel better.  like throwing up.

five: i'd really love to live in prison for a month, just for the stories i'd be able to tell.  i'd also like to be homeless for a week, for this same reason.

six: i made a decision a long time ago that i would never name my children any name that i have ever given to a character in a story.  if you're wondering, yes; yes, i do have a word document somewhere on my computer that lists names i'd love for my children.

seven: i'm not afraid of commitment, but i am afraid of committing to the wrong person.  there's a difference, right?

eight: i've always wanted to spend the night in a graveyard or cemetery.

nine: you know how there's this dream that people seem to have a lot where they lose their teeth?  i've had a variation of that dream a number of times.  only mine stem from real-life experiences.  be grateful for your teeth.

ten: i had one heck of a potty mouth from 1999-2002.

eleven: it used to be one of my biggest fears that i would never be published.  now i think it's one of my biggest fears that i will be published.

twelve: when i was little, i was one of those dips who thought smoking was cool.  i even picked up a used butt off the sidewalk once that had belonged to one of my neighbors to put it to my mouth.  he saw me and told me to put it down, but not before he put his own cigarette in his mouth.

thirteen: i once watched an entire season of lost in a day and a half.

fourteen: i really dislike it when guys just assume that girls only pretend to be interested in sports in order to attract guys.  the fact is, some guys are really far less interesting than a good football game, and most guys i've ever been interested in don't really care for sports all that much.

fifteen: i have a cat problem.  a fully domesticated cat has recently become homeless and has taken up hanging around my house for the past few days.  it's really friendly and nice, but a cat is not something i'm capable of maintaining right now.  soooo... do you want one?

sixteen: you can stage protests against corporate excess and get arrested all you want, but check yourself first.  you're an american.  americans LIVE excess, and you're greedy, too.  we all are.

seventeen: as much as i believe in sesame street and love it for teaching me to read and all that stuff, heaven forbid my children become obsessed with elmo.

eighteen: i'm not really afraid of dying, but the summer in between graduating high school and coming to college, i was absolutely terrified of dying.  the idea of dying before i got a chance to go to college seemed like the worst thing ever.

nineteen: one of my dreams is to take my kids (when they are old enough) to disneyland.  also, of all of my parents' future grandkids, my kids will be the coolest.

twenty: if, by chance, the diamondbacks and the phillies play each other in this year's postseason, you can be assured i fully intend to be at one or all of those arizona games.  even though the phillies have lost every game they've played in az that i've been to.  even though i'm a poor college student.  even though a (very small) part of me would love to see the diamondbacks at the world series.

twenty-one: i think i'm going to peace out of fbook soon.

twenty-two: my life is awesome.  sometimes when i catch myself complaining about dumb, insignificant things i let out a whiny my life is so hard! just to hear how ridiculous i sound, and then i get over myself.  my life has been blessed with so many great things, and every year it amazes me that i have more than i could ever ask for.  i have the best family and friends, and i have the perspective that keeps me in check and constantly grateful for all of the good things of my life.  i've dreaded this age for a very long time now, but it's here and i'm still here, and life is still good.  so, yeah twenty-two!  this year's going to be a good one!!

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