16 October 2011

sorry sunday.

It occurred to me that I completely forgot about Writer's Wednesday this week.
And I also forgot to use capital letters in the last post.
And this week started off my new work schedule, which makes me have less free time on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which I usually use for blogging time.
I got spoiled last week by the cooler weather and complained about 90+ degree temperatures this week.
And lastly, I threw a mini-tantrum when MuteMath announced their tour locations at the beginning of next year and I saw that they aren't coming to Arizona.
Sorry (though really, I feel the band should apologize to me).

And one more thing to apologize for: this isn't going to be a real post.  I'm just going to link you to three things that I've seen recently and hope that in a really indirect way I can entertain you for some time.  I promise I'll be a better blogger soon.

1. This deeply disturbs me.

2. The title of this recipe kind of grosses me out, but I still want to try it.

3. This is AMAZING, and so is the photostream on Flickr.

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