01 October 2011

october? more like, "this rocks!"tober!!

october is a magical month.  why?

1. in normal places in the northern hemisphere, autumn reaches its peak potency, it's quite lovely.

2. it means baseball postseason, and yay for me, just about all of the games broadcast on a television channel i actually have.  phillies are going to win it all this year, i can feel it.  not gonna lie, they worried me and gave doubts to many with that ridiculous eight-game losing streak last week.  but if you are of the ridiculous opinion that the phillies are overrated, you are more than welcome to take that up with me.  i assure you, you will experience that sad moment of bonding that comes with losing an argument about a team you hate at the same time that team you hate beats the team you love.  yeah, i just said that.

3. it is the only month in which all four major american sports leagues may be running at the same time.  if this is the case, it's so in the last week of the month.  the nba lockout craziness threatens this occurrence this year.

4. orange, which is my favorite color, is everywhere.  i'm pretty sure it could be called october's official color, if such a thing existed.

5. and last but not least, this weekend.  right now.

this weekend only comes twice a year, and it is absolutely my favorite.  remember how i was feeling restless last week?  i realized today it's because i've been waiting for this weekend.

photo from LDS.org

it's general conference weekend, people!  this means words of wisdom from our wonderful prophet and his counselors and apostles.  there is nothing more uplifting and comforting than hearing men called of God to give us guidance that will bring us countless blessings if we follow their words.

one thing that amazes me every six months about these addresses?  some of the recurring references or motifs that pop up.  as far as i've ever heard, the word tweet as it pertains to social media was spoken for the first time in a general conference talk today.  i heard that word twice, AND THEN i heard the reference to farm metropolis (or whatever it is now) AND angry birds.  OH.MY.GOSH. is what i said out loud when i heard that.

the internet kind of scares me, and we have heard many references to it from our prophet and the apostles in recent years.  but for some reason today, above all of the other times i've heard those messages concerning the internet and the perils and benefits associated with it, it just hit me - the importance of what they were saying and advising.  this digital age that we're in - it's huge, and it's not going to stop.  by the time i have kids and they're growing up, it's going to be bigger than i can even imagine.

anyway, my point is that i always learn and realize new things during these weekends, and i've experienced a lot of them.  sometimes i'm just remembering things that i already know, and other times i experience small, sacred moments of personal revelation that i treasure so much, and i can't bear to imagine how i could possibly navigate life without them.  because i couldn't.

i hope you may find as much joy and enlightenment in this weekend as i do!  there is a living prophet on this earth; a true man of God who leads and guides us all and blesses us with much guidance in our lives.  if you'd like to hear from him and other men of God, you can do so via this link (where you can watch ALL addresses from the past many years), or you may accompany me as i watch the addresses from the church on asu's campus.  i'd be more than happy to meet up with you and share some of the most wonderful moments of my life with you.

happy october!!

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