27 October 2011

i'm not really sure why, but...

1. black nail polish makes me feel girly.
2. airplane turbulence is my favorite.
3. sometimes my poopy job is exactly what i need.
4. i'm excited for next semester, even though it is going to be my hardest one E.V.E.R.  maybe it has something to do with the fact that, after four years, i FINALLY have a schedule in which all of my in-person classes meet in the LL building (not on the same floor, unfortunately... the basement of the LL building kind of freaks me out).  this fact tickles me, even though the building is definitely not my favorite one on campus.

5. i used to be an expert at shopping, but now i wouldn't even know what to do if i stepped foot into a mall.
6. capital letters are clearly really hard for me.
7. My mood often correlates with the weather, and last week Arizona really hurt my feelings.  But now it's starting to cool like it means it and I'm happier!
8. I stinking love iOS5.  I feel like one of those annoying, jerk, Apple snobs when I say that, sorry.
9. For some reason, everywhere I go the internet (Internet???) is lamesauce this week.
10. This little bug made my day today.  I named him Herbert.  And then I squished him.

Just kidding.

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