30 October 2011


So, I started writing this post about how I'm not fluent in most social media and social networking sites out there in the world.

And then it got boring.

Aaaand I don't really like talking about how stupid (I think) I am in things where I feel there's this social stigma that I'm supposed to be really well-versed in these things (that was a really terrible sentence, sorry).

So let's talk about something else.

My friends, the end is near… college is almost done.

I've just been thinking about it a lot this week, with it being Homecoming and all.  Homecoming is mainly a deal for alumni, I think… but I always question whether or not I will actually visit ASU as an alumni one day to attend Homecoming events and stuff.  My thinking is pretty much no.

Don't get me wrong, I have loved college with all my heart.  Even the REALLY hard parts (which I can say now, because they're over).

But I'm a big believer in moving forward.  You can't hang onto all things forever, even if you want to.  I'm not saying you have to completely forget or ignore everything that you've ever experienced in life.  You accrue all of those memories and lessons and you use them to finish life.  You become smarter.  You make better, more well-informed decisions.  You teach others through your successes and failures.

Like one day, I'll be able to tell my kids with complete confidence and good reason:
"We do not yell at groups of
scary thug-like strangers who are capable
of bad things, even if they call you and
your friends inappropriate names."
Or (for my boys):
"Girls are crazy."
And (for my girls):
"Boy are sometimes dumb."

And no, if I had to pick three things to tell my future kids about college, these probably wouldn't be it.  They were just the first three to pop into my head.  Given more time, I'd probably come up with something more insightful to say.


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