30 October 2011

crazy weather strikes the east coast again!

pretty much all throughout this last month i kept complaining in my head:

seriously?!  it's october, it should NOT be ninety degrees!!

last week it finally dipped below ninety (permanently, hopefully) and into the eighties.  and do you know what i said??

seriously?!  it's october, it should NOT be eighty degrees!!
i cannot be pleased.

unless, of course, i get this picture of a certain backyard in a text:

i'm sure in many places on the east coast yesterday were cries of:

seriously?!  it's october, it should NOT be snowing!!

and then i become very pleased with the place where i live and the comfortable eighty degree weather that warms me everyday.

perspective, people.

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  1. The adults might be put out with the snow, but the kids must be loving its effects. Berks, Bucks, Chester, Lehigh, and Northampton County schools are all CLOSED!!!!!