07 October 2011

Another season, come and gone.

It seems as though the Hunt for Octobers have ended too quickly for me the past few years.  And tonight, I saw two teams lose a Game Five and end really great seasons too early.  The Phillies may have ended their postseason run in the worse possible way: stunned at home, loss via shut-out, and an injured Ryan Howard.  BAD FRIDAY.  :(

And I really wanted the Diamondbacks to make it farther.  Phoenix has the potential to be a really fantastic baseball city.  It just needs a really awesome season for the fans to get into it and be excited about games - fair-weather fans, and all of that.

But, there will be other seasons, as always.  Next season I will still be a big fan of the Phillies, and I will cheer for the Diamondbacks as well.  And next year, I am feeling a win for Philadelphia in Phoenix.  A big one.  And you bet I'll be there.
Anywho, the other day I sort of alluded to the fact that I made some birthday resolutions, as I always do every year.  I usually always put up my resolutions on whatever blog I have at the time, and this time shouldn't be any different.  So here goes, hold me to them.

1. Do more things that take me out of my comfort zone.
Things like shaking people's hands.  Sitting next to people I don't know on purpose.  Actively trying to keep the conversation going well after Well it was nice to meet you, even though the idea of small talk just makes me cringe.  Putting more effort into what I look like (in a non-superficial way - the smallest amount of effort is better than no effort, which is what's exerted every morning right now).

2. No more soda.
This has actually been amended to "no more buying soda," as I have recently been the lucky recipient of many bottles of soda (including the coveted fufu berry jones soda!), thanks to two very special people.  This amendment falls in accordance with the mindset: If someone gives me a soda, there's nothing I can (read: will) do about that.

3. Quit being lazy and write, dang it.
I'm playing around with the idea of doing that thing most serious writers seem to do and wake up early every morning to write for an hour... but then I think that I'm a student and those people have all the time in the world to do whatever the heck they please, and then I talk myself out of it.  But really, there is so much more room for improvement in my habits, it's not even funny.

4. Go to a concert.
Preferably, within the next six months.  The last big one I went to was Muse, and I am seriously dying here.  I need to feel the bass in my chest and the lights on my face and the sweet sweat of pure joy on my skin.  And as much as I love myself some Mormon Tabernacle Choir every so often, I do not want to find myself desperate enough that I will see them in February to fulfill this resolution.

5. Missionary work, yeah!
So I'm super super excited about this media campaign we started rolling out with at the beginning of the week, and all I have been doing is talking my parents' ears off about it.  I think I'm mostly excited because this programs fosters the easiest way to share the gospel with others - really, it's so simple.  I don't know about you, but I love things that aren't hard.  And if sharing my testimony with others wasn't easy enough, well, it just got easier.  So no excuses for me, this becomes an easy resolution.

6. A in my Chinese class, question mark??
This is my hardest class this semester, hands down.  I know what you're thinking... and yes, it's a 100 level class (101, to be specific)... yes, I use to speak Chinese fluently... yes, there are people I can call up on the phone any time I want for help.  But every time I call up Mother Goose and ask her if I'm saying anything right, she almost always laughs at me.  And every time I speak in class, my T.A. always tells me that I was great... but he tells EVERYONE that they were great, and some of them CLEARLY are NOT great.  So I'm pretty much on my own.

7. Re-think this giving-up-on-the-Honors-College thing.
My anger and put-out-ness over last month's thesis director fiasco has somewhat subsided, and I feel as though I'm calm enough about the situation enough to go talk to an advisor and try to salvage the work I've done (and the money I've paid) for the past three years.  Also, with Aimee Bender coming to ASU next month, I remembered that wild, long-shot idea I had to ask her to be my third reader for my thesis.  It doesn't seem like so much of a long-shot anymore.  Next week will be interesting.

8. Use capital letters here on the bee.elle.oh.gee.
This is proving to be quite difficult.  I've had to second guess myself a million times on whether or not to capitalize certain words, it's like I've forgotten the rules of capitalization altogether.  Like Mother Goose up there in number six?  Had to think about that one.  Same thing with Honors College in number seven and thesis director just below that.  And I debated with myself for a long time about capitalizing another in the post title.  Geez.  This is what geeks worry about.

9. Be less sarcastic and/or mean.
10. Ride my bike more this fall.
11. Manage time better.
12. Don't call out of work unless absolutely, totally necessary.

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