06 October 2011


Happy 100 today!  I remember in elementary school once we celebrated the 100th day of school by doing strange things like gluing 100 pieces of macaroni to a piece of paper or by stringing 100 froot loops to make a necklace.

So I was thinking, what can I do for the 100th post of this thing?  And I thought, well I could begin an endeavor to list 100 things that make me really happy and work on that for the next few weeks.  But I imagine that would be terribly boring and awful for people who aren't necessarily me, so I put it away.

Then i thought, well I could be ambitious and make a goal to post 100 short pieces of original work here for the next few months (slash, years).  And that seemed too scary.

And then it seemed kind of thrilling.  So I tossed the thought around in my head a little while longer.  And I've decided this: I'm not making the goal 100 pieces of work, per se.  But periodically I think it would be good for me to share something, say... once a week.  We could call it writer's wednesday.  You know, because alliterations make everything awesome.

So, yeah!  We gonna do this thing for reals, starting next week.  Look forward to it... or don't!!
In other writerly-type news, I have some exciting things coming up in my life that i need to brag about for just a teeny bit.

First, this Saturday is my writing workshop/instruction class that I registered for a couple of months ago with the Piper Writer's Studio on campus.  It's just a day class, not one of their multiple week dealios (mostly because I don't have the time, but also because the day classes are less expensive), and I am sosososossupersuper excited for it.  The class is going to be about flash fiction, which is a genre (??) that I really like a lot, but I'm mostly just ready to get excited about writing again.  I've kind of just been feeling terrible about it for the past few months, and I'm ready to really really love it again.  I'm looking at this class like General Conference, but for my writing.  A morale boost, and such of that nature.

SECONDLY, last night I discovered one of the best things OF.MY.LIFE. while I was wracking my brain for some kind of ideas for my flash fiction assignments that were due in class today (too bad the assignment couldn't have been due after the Piper class, right?).

Aimee Bender is my absolute favorite writer right now.  I say "right now" to be safe, but she could very well be my favorite writer for the rest of my life.  I stumbled upon her by the suggestion of an instructor, and it taking that instructor's advice to check out some of Aimee Bender's work was the best thing I have ever done as far as writing goes.  Aimee Bender just gets me so exciting about writing, and I love all of her work.

Anyway, I've wanted to go to one of her readings SO BADLY for a very long time, but she never comes to Arizona ever (She's a creative writing professor at USC... cruel and ironic, for so many reasons).

Until now.

She's going to be one of the writers of the Piper House's Distinguished Visiting Writers Series, and she will be at ASU on 30 November for a public craft Q&A and a reading and a booksigning!!  Um, can you say, dream come true??  yeeeeeeahexclamationpoint!

Just so you know... the events are free, and you can totally come to them with me in November!

However, I would recommend getting familiar with her work beforehand.  There's definitely an initial shock that's involved with getting into her work.  It's kind of an acquired taste, and you really need to keep an open mind when reading most of her pieces.  But I shall provide you links to the best place to start.  And of course, you can always ask me to lend you one of her books!

Act Four of the 164th episode of This American Life, where her story Loser is read by Matt Molloy.

Act Three of the 269th episode of This American Life, where Bender reads her story, The Rememberer.
Yay.  Sometimes the life of a writer is wonderful.

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