02 September 2011

soda, coke, pop, fizzy.

for just over a year now, i have been buying my own groceries and feeding myself on a daily basis.  no more meals from mom and dad, and definitely no more eating on campus dining halls.  it is slightly unfortunate, but also slightly not.  i pretty much get to eat whatever i want now, and it's kind of awesome.

however, in this year of regular grocery shopping, there are certain products i have not purchased, even though i find them delicious.  it's not that i don't like these things - i actually love most of them.  but i know that the eating habits i develop and maintain now are the ones i'm going to take with me for the rest of my life, and i do not want to raise my kids eating unhealthy foods (for the record, i'm not an organic, local-foods-only health psycho).  besides, i figure if i can make yummy foods myself, there's not really a need for the delicious but fake-and-or-processed stuff.  that's just laziness.

i have yet to buy a box of kraft macaroni and cheese.  i caved and bought a frozen pizza once, but i haven't done it since then.  i don't buy cereal, or microwave dinners (which taste disgusting).  i bought a bag of potato chips once, and that was to make them chocolate-covered, and I don't believe I finished the bag before they got stale (yes to tortilla chips, though).  and unless it was club soda or sprite for my italian sodas, i've never bought soda.  real soda.

until last night.

first, a few of my thoughts on soda.

1. yes, i just suggested that sprite is not real soda.
2. coca-cola products trump pepsi, always.
3. i believe that if you're going to drink soda anyway, there's no point in drinking diet.  not even diet soda is good for you, so even if you're watching what you eat you may as well drink something that doesn't taste like yuck.
4. this episode of this american life made me excited.
5. i am not one of those mormons who thinks it's not ok to drink caffeinated soda.
6. i am one of those people who believes you can be addicted to soda.

i don't often crave soda, so when i do i just give in (i think i probably need to fix this weak-willed stuff by the time i have children old enough to ask for things).  and when i have that soda, i love it.

but last night, i didn't just buy one soda.  i bought myself many sodas - a two liter of dr. pepper and an 8-pack of jones black cherry soda.  mix them together, and you have so much delicious-ness it's hard to handle.  for the record, i know that cherry dr. pepper exists - just not in two liters, as far as i saw.

i remember when i discovered jones soda co. in high school.  it's pretty much the greatest soda company ever.  one thing that i love about the company is that even their sugar-free sodas taste good.  i remember i went to the grocery store once a long time ago to find some green apple sodas, but they only had them in sugar-free.  i was desperate enough to buy them (but still highly skeptical), and when i went home that day i wasn't disappointed.  jones knows how to do sugar-free.  they can make it not taste like yuck.

you can go to the company's website here.  and even though i really dislike taking things from people, if for some reason you come to me my doorstep with a package of fufu berry soda, i'm going to take you up on that.

fufu berry is literally the greatest thing i have ever drank (drunk?  drinked?  swallowed?  had.) in.my.life.  the sad thing is, i haven't had it in at least seven years.  i can't find it anywhere, and i'm almost desperate enough to spend a lot of money and order it online.

anyway, the only problem about my dr. pepper-black cherry concoction is that i can't finish a whole can of black cherry in one sitting.

so this morning, instead of drinking water like i usually do in the mornings, i had half a can of black cherry soda.  and you know what happened?  my only friday class ended up being cancelled.

magic soda.

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