19 September 2011

so maybe i've thought about it a little more than i've let on...

this weekend i get to go camping for a night and i'm beyond excited.  ever since i came back from the roadtrip in july, i've been waiting for the next camping opportunity.  for me, so much of the best part of camping is being in the cooler weather and being in pretty green places.  i love it all and miss it a lot.

on our hikes during our trip, a lot of questions were asked by sam and diana.  they weren't directed specifically at me - they were questions for all of us to ask.  but i felt as though i was the only one who didn't have answers right away because i never asked myself the questions before.  there were a lot of introspective ones, like what are your three best and three worst qualities?  what is your biggest fear when it comes to relationships?  what's the worst dating situation you've ever been in?

if you know me well enough, you'll know this: these are not my kind of questions to answer.  and so, i found myself hugely relieved when the girls asked (what, in my mind, kind of are superficial) questions like, what kind of engagement ring do you want?  where do you want to go on your honeymoon?  both are questions i also don't really care for or seriously (need to) think about (yet), but in comparison they seemed as easy as answering what my name is.

and i'm not going to lie, i've actually been thinking about it since our trip!  i'm not a wedding thinker AT ALL.  i think it mostly stems from my belief that don't think the reception and frilly, materialistic things are at all important.  but, i feel that for the sake of doing what is culturally expected of me, i need to want something.

and so, a sure answer - for the ring question, usually my least favorite of all wedding-related questions i'm asked to answer.

i don't like diamonds... i have no interest in stones or anything flashy.  i also don't like rings that i can feel.  i use my hands a lot for whatever it is i do (???), and it's an annoying distraction if i can tell i'm wearing something on my fingers.

i actually really just love simple bands, and i have decided i am quite adamant on getting just that.  super small and pretty, nothing shocking or groan-inducing.  and no more than 3 mm.  otherwise it's too much.

like this one, if i'm feeling girly.
this one, if i'm feeling slightly adventurous (though, it kind of screams conversation piece!, and i'm not that great at conversing).
maybe this one, because i really like white.
but preferably something like this - because i'd really love some symbolism with the number three going on with my ring.

acceptable??  yes?

as for that other question... the honeymoon one?

at the time, i was totally taken up by everything we'd already seen on out trip up to that point, and i definitely answered, i'd be happy to go camping or something.  because up to then, i would have answered camping to any question.

what did you dream about last night?
if you had a pet gerbil, what would you name him?
what do you want for breakfast?

but really... roadtrip for a honeymoon?  sounds fine to me.

so, we good?  no more questions, we don't have to talk about it anymore?

cool, thanks.

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