09 September 2011

risks i have no choice to take.

this morning was a stressful blur.  and when mornings are stressful, the day's outfit generally takes a hit.

when i left the house this morning, i was wearing a skirt.  generally speaking, i looked okay.  nice, even.  i drove to school, studied a little before my chinese exam, and felt pretty good about the morning, given the early moments of stressful-ness.

and then, i went to the bike rack to pick up my bike.  oops.

it's not like i've never worn a skirt while riding a bike before.  on a cruiser it's quite possible, and it's not uncomfortable.  but for some reason, it feels much different on a fixed bicycle.  and so, looking around cautiously to make sure no one was watching, i clumsily got on my bike in the most un-exposing (yet highly unflattering) manner i could manage.  but the hurdle was overcome, and once i was situated everything was okay...

...until i picked up some speed and then the wind started blowing.

anyway, today reminded me of this article i found a few weeks ago about a woman who was pulled over by a cop for wearing a skirt while riding a bike!

thankfully, i attend arizona state - where girls are sometimes only half-dressed riding their bikes and never pulled over by cops.

knowing that, i think i'll be okay, should a day like today ever happen again.

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