01 September 2011

one of those "what if..." moments.

oh my goodness, it's september!  which means...

football season!!

even though i haven't actually sat down to watch a full game for a long time, i still get excited this time of year.  and i'm down for both professional and college football, so i'm a whole ton of happy right now.

today the sun devils open the season against uc davis - a school that i absolutely wanted to go to SO BADLY.  if they had given me any money, i would have gone there for sure.

yes, it's a hippie school.

yes, there are probably a fair amount of hipsters in the student body, as well.

but wouldn't you be happy too, if you got to walk on a beautiful campus with this:

and pass the greatest sculptures ever like these:

come on.  tell me you wouldn't be the least bit tickled.  i'll tell you, i absolutely ate their campus tour up.

when sam and i were driving through downtown corvallis and admiring oregon state's college town, this was an exchange that went down:

sam - have you ever wondered what it would be like if you'd gone somewhere besides arizona?
me - i'm wondering that right this second.

fact: there are a ton of places i think it would be great to live in and raise a family.  for example, we can probably all agree that i'd live quite peachily in portland.  corvallis would also be a nice place to live, and i remember i loved the parts of davis, california i saw - i especially loved how close it was to the bay area - another place that would be cool to live.

another fact (and maybe the more important one of the two): i tell people it's by fate that i've come here to arizona, but it's by faith that i'm staying here.  even though i have absolutely no clue what i'm going to do come may, i know that i'm not going anywhere.  i don't know why, but i am supposed to be here.

i'm supposed to walk past girls in their infamous gameday t-shirt creations instead of eggheads.

i'm supposed to be enrolled in a school that, surprisingly, turns out to be slightly greener than the green school i thought was super green, according to the princeton review:

i'm supposed to be cheering for the sun devils tonight, not the aggies.

and when it comes right down to it, i'm totally okay with it all.  because this is right.

(pretty picture via, and egghead sculptures by robert arneson)

postscript, i had never seen asu's SAT range scores before this, and even though my scores weren't great, asu's expectations made me feel really smart!!

and then i looked at our acceptance rate.

in a not-mean way, i want to meet someone who got rejected from asu for undergraduate studies.  does that come off as mean?  the way i think of it, he/she is really lucky - to be in the ninth percentile of anything (even not getting into something) seems pretty rare and awesome to me.  i want to write a story about this person.  someone help me meet him/her.

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