08 September 2011

on playing the piano, christmas 12 months a year, and adjectives

today when i walked into my institute class, this small exchange went down between the instructor and me:

instructor: kristin, you play the piano, right?

me: (at first, confused - because i definitely marked on the info sheet at the beginning of the semester that i have no piano capabilities) uhhh... i can play, like, two hymns.

instructor: perfect, pick one of them and play it for us today.

and so, today i played choose the right for the first time in years.  it was mildly terrifying, but i was floored at how easy it seemed once i got past the first few measures.  it made me think that if i worked at it and practiced, i could probably learn all of the hymns, and then i wouldn't feel so flustered and put on the spot during times like today.

afterwards, the thought occurred to me that i probably could have just said that the only songs i knew were christmas hymns, and maybe i could have gotten out of it.  i knew we were going to be talking about the creation in class today, and the only christmas hymns i semi-know to play are silent night and with wondering awe - which don't seem to have anything to do with the creation.  plus, it's september, and no one is getting ready for christmas yet.

sort of.

fact: i listen to a charlie brown christmas all year round.  typically, i'm a no-christmas-music-before-thanksgiving-or-after-new-year's.  but i think i can tolerate it because the whole album is just one, sweet, long jazz session that makes me feel good and happy inside.

last night i was listening to the soundtrack because i was feeling bummy, and then i thought if i look hard enough, i could probably watch this online.

i didn't look hard enough to find the whole movie, but i found at least a few portions of it that can probably tide me over until winter break.

so for your enjoyment...

  ... some sweet dance moves... 

   ...and one of the saddest insults involving someone's name EVER.

another hilarious but sad line from the movie?  you know when charlie brown looks into his mailbox, and it's empty of christmas cards (or anything)?  after he gives his "rats" line, he comes out with this:

i know nobody likes me, why do we have to have a holiday to emphasize it?

it's mean, but i can't help it - i laugh every time i hear him say that.

last thing, can i make my name an adjective?  do i have that kind of authority?  i mean, i know it's become popular in recent years to use my last name as an adjective in a manner that i still don't quite fully understand (see here), but i want my first name in there, too.

so tell me, if i were an adjective, what kind would i be?  charlie brown obviously becomes a negative adjective, sort of synonymous with pessimistic, depressed, and bleak.  am i a positive adjective or a negative one?

don't know what an adjective is?  aren't sure if it's possible to turn a (proper) noun into an adjective?  for you:

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