30 September 2011

on books and stories.

ever since i re-visited old shel earlier this week, i started thinking a lot about what books i'll have my future kids read one day.  but it occurred to me that i have no idea what's new as far as children's picture books go nowadays.

the only children's books i really know are the ones that i read myself.  i definitely plan on pushing dr. suess in my house (it is my belief that if you can master dr. suess terminology and scripture-speak, you can pretty much read and pronounce anything), i'm a hopeless sucker for love you forever (do you know how this book came about?  it's terribly sad, you can read about it here), i absolutely loved the little critter books (new baby was my favorite), and the berenstain bears (messy room!) rocked, too.

but i imagine that children's books have probably still been written since i was little... so there's roughly eighteen or so years worth of children's books i don't know about.

and this stressed me out.  because i want to show my kids through example that you can have a real connection with books and they can mean so much to you throughout your life, but i also want the books they read to be relevant to the world they live in.  the idea of reading through countless numbers of picture books is surprisingly daunting, and i don't know if i can do it.

and then i just about kicked myself.

because i am a writer, dangit.  and i am probably perfectly capable of writing stories for my kids to read.  maybe. i reckon i've gotslashneed some time to practice.  but seriously.  i can't draw very well, but i could probably whip up some semi-adequate picture books, yeah?

my poor kids - already getting what they need as opposed to what they want.  i'm just thinking of all of those instances in movies and television (and real life, too) when all of the kids at school have these super awesome new clothes and outfits for school picture day, and there's that one kid who has the hand-me-downs ("oh you look so cute, don't worry about it!").

or, your know, whatever situation it was.  for me it was that family photo without my front teeth.  mom tried to encourage me with the "oh you look so cute, don't worry about it!"  i worried about it.  oh moms.

i think i'm more excited to write stories with them.  do you remember in where the wild things are, at the very beginning of the movie, when max is playing with his mom's toes under the table, and she says i could use a story, and max tells her the really sad story about the vampires while his mom is typing it up on the computer?  i've seen the movie once, but i remember that scene the most.  i decided right as it was happening that max's mom was the best and i knew i wanted to do that, too.

is it strange that i fantasize about reading and writing with my future children?  sorry.


  1. I read to my nieces all the time, and there are some pretty dang funny new children's books, but I still try to push the old ones by giving them Berenstain Bears and Amelia Bedilia for their birthdays. Sometimes I think they would rather me get the new Dora Explorere book, but I don't even care.

    This is Kara, by the way. My computer is forcing me to comment as anonymous.

  2. hahahaha, silly computers.

    and i loved amelia bedelia, she was the best!! she taught me that "sponge cake" doesn't actually have cut up pieces of kitchen sponge in it, but i still don't really know what it is...