28 September 2011

on anniversaries and special occasions.

i'll be honest and say here that it annoys me when people try to make a celebration out of everything.  a one month anniversary is not celebration-worthy.  babies do not need birthday parties with "friends" (let's be honest, those "friends" are just the kids of the mom's friends) when they turn a year old.  yay-we've-moved-to-a-new-house-so-give-us-presents parties are unnecessary.

that being said, i'm allowing you to judge me for this post.

since this weekend was our ward's campout, this weekend marked a year since i've been friends with sam and allison.  while being friends with people is generally not groundbreaking, being friends with these two has also meant being friends with a lot of other important people, crazy memorable moments, and guidance in my life i couldn't have gotten anywhere else.  these two are kind of important.

on monday, we played all day and drudged up old jokes and stories (many of which were at my expense, like this one), and it was good.

aaaaand, unnecessary celebrations over, i promise.

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