03 September 2011


last night i was sitting in my living room and asked myself, how am i going to spend my saturday?  because let's be honest, for the past three years i've labored on labor day because i've never been good about finishing my homework before then.  the saturday before labor day is always a play day.

this year, by "play day" i definitely mean driving day.

i'm taking this class this semester called leisure and quality of life (really), and a part of our reading for this week discussed solitude - how when solitude is chosen, it's a form of leisure.  and so i already knew before today that i wanted to do something by myself.  and if, for some reason, i needed to justify whatever it is i was going to do, i was going to tell myself it was research.  for leisure and quality of life.

anyway, i decided to drive to prescott today.  it wasn't anything huge, just a drive up to a lake, playtime on the lake, and then a drive into downtown prescott to see what it was like (there were so many dogs there, it was out of control!).  can i just say - ninety degrees never felt so cool in my life.

when i was ready to leave prescott the thought went through my head: i haven't seen enough green lately.  i want some.  so i decided to drive to payson before driving home.

along the way, there were signs warning drivers that there would be smoke on the highway because of wildfire.  and because i couldn't help myself, i rolled down my windows during that stretch of road and loved the cooler, smoky air to death.

as i was driving, i knew that if i timed it right, i could drive alongside the sunset in the hills of thousands of green trees.  and you know what?  i didn't even have to speed to get it right.  it just happened.  like fate.  the skies were pink and pretty, and clouds were fluffy and shiny.  and at the time i thought, there is only one thing missing right now to make this complete.

i have a confession to make:  i have been a complete child over the whole kings-of-leon-making-bad-choices-and-therefore-ruining-my-fun thing.  since they cancelled the rest of their shows in the states, i haven't listened to their music.  as if that really does anything significant.

so, i clicked on my casslowjams:) playlist (that is, come-around-sundown-slow-jams-happy-face playlist).  and in the beginning i was like, yeah, i could still live without this.  but then my favorite songs came on.  it's like being in an abusive relationship - everything's okay and i'm totally capable of staying objective and smart about the relationship, and then those one or two things that i'm a complete sucker for come in and take me away.  i'm so weak.

but the point is, the sunset-greenthings-goodtunes- experience was made perfect today.

three hundred miles later, my car is a little older, i'm more in love with arizona, and solitude has become a form a leisure i definitely plan on indulging in once in a while.


  1. isn't it just? arizona skies are the best. thanks for your comment!! :)