22 September 2011

in which i substitute posting for adderall.

my brain has been kind of a jumbled mess lately.  i feel like i have the shortest attention span ever, and when i try and focus on something, i think about a million other things at the same time.  it's kind of cool because i feel like i'm multi-tasking, but it's mostly not cool because i'm basically zero-tasking.  new word, just invented it.

my solution?  put it all somewhere and then forget about it.  hopefully this works.

thought A: my fbook class is done-DONE-DONE!  yay.  i actually really liked it and thought it was really interesting.  i also look at facebook in a completely different way, and i see all of these changes (did you know that our profile pages will basically become blogs soon?) and kind of understand why they're taking place and what it's all for.  essentially, mark zuckerberg knows what he wants, and he's going to do what it takes to get it.

also, i think i've become narcissistically cautious about being narcissistic as far as fbook goes...  that probably doesn't make any sense, and i wouldn't suggest asking me what that means because i probably don't know either.

thought B: today is the third-but-technically-official last day of summer due to it being the autumnal equinox tomorrow (the unofficial last days of summer that have already passed were the day before the last day of school and labor day).  i don't know why but i have this strange love for all things solstice-y and equinox-y.  the universe is cool.  yeah science!

anyway, i was contemplating ideas for how to celebrate the first day of fall, and do you know the first thing that popped into my head?  maybe i'll go swimming.  wrong.  wrong on so many levels.

the fact is this: i'm pretty much a fan of weather here in the desert.  the only times i'm almost a hater is when it's more than 105-ish, but even then i don't think it's a big deal - everywhere you go is air-conditioned.  plus, it's a dry heat.  don't even get me started on humidity (of which, i've only ever experienced the weak brand - not even the real stuff - and i still wimp out).  but eventually it will be wonderfully chilly here and i'll love it even more than i do now.

the only thing the desert is missing?  crispness.  in pa at least, there's a crispness in the air that comes with fall that i love so much.  it means colored leaves and good nature smells, it means sweaters, it means watching football games on ice-cold bleachers that freeze your bum in five minutes, it means candy season, it means certain occasions not to be celebrated, it means huddling in big blankets (it also used to mean helping dad chop down dead trees in the backyard and chopping them up for firewood in the winter, but since we moved into a house with the DISGUSTING thing that is a gas fireplace, there has been no need for that).  arizona lacks the crispness and almost everything associated with it, which is highly unfortunate.  but you know what?  i'll take what i can get, and the chilliness satisfies.

thought C (the one that's pretty much been crushing my psyche for the past few weeks now): chinese is kicking my bum.

thought D: i think i want a pet goldfish.  only, then i think about the fact that statistically, the goldfish is likely to die, and then i will freak out.  because i don't know what to do with dead things that aren't bugs (or, sadly, plants).

so, then i amend my thought to something like: i think i want a goldfish only because i want a goldfish named chuckles.  or swimmy.

thought E: this music video is great.  i love this band so much.  yay.

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