14 September 2011

in love.

sometimes i have chore days, in which i gleefully accept the fact that i have things around the house that must be done.  rooms need to be cleaned and vacuumed/mopped, clothes need to be washed and dried, ripe bananas need to become muffins, dinners need to be made for the week, etc.  it's exhausting, and sometimes it's hard to feel accomplished at the end of these days when there is still homework to be done. there just aren't enough days in the week.

there was one point on one of these days where i was cooking multiple things and doing laundry all at the same time, and i realized:  i love my apron.  i can hold my clothespins in the pockets when i have to switch out between food and laundry, and it's basically a giant napkin that i get to wear and don't have to worry about finding when i get my hands dirty.

you can laugh.  i give you permission.

but look at how good i am at being domestic!!  :)

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