21 September 2011

i apologize in advance for this. really, i'm sorry.

i hold this dislike for a certain brand of shoes/sunglasses that annoyingly totes its socially consciousness and rubs it in your face. i dislike the company because it annoyingly totes its socially consciousness and rubs it in your face, but also because i find the original design of their shoes to be really unflattering on people unless you have great ankles and really skinny feet. otherwise, it looks like people have sausage feet and cankles. this sad fact is bad for someone like me, who may or may pay attention to people from the knees down on first impression. i think it's natural that humans should want to look at those things that are attractive, and when i look at people instinctively i want to see something that is aesthetically pleasing. these shoes do not help me in this regard.
at the library in the ILL Dept, there's this middle aged man who works there and he owns a pair of these shoes. every time i see him wearing them, i get really disgusted. disgusted, because people seriously should dress their age, which is a completely different topic for complaining about. anyway, who's this guy kidding, thinking he's trendy like every other student on campus and pretending to be socially conscious (cue skepticism towards prius owners)?
i just needed to complain for a little bit. superficial rant over.
soooo, whenever i'm feeling sad/depressed, i may or may not do one of two things:
1. layinadarkroombymyselfwhileilistentoradiohead.
2. mopeonmycouchwithatonofgoldfishandwatch500daysofsummer.
i am proud of neither of these things (i would like to note that separately, the factors that make up these activities are generally quite acceptable in my mind), and i'm probably open to suggestions on better ways to deal with not-happy feelings.

at the moment i'm not exactly sad, per se.  more like some combination of unsettled, easily agitated (hence above rant), impatient, frustrated, and worrisome (heaven help you all, i just read that last sentence and got annoyed with myself).

and oh-so sadly, camping will not be able to remedy this, as a surprise midterm on tuesday decided to creep up on me and i need the weekend to study.  why does school hate me?

in the meantime, i've devised a list of (TOTALLY realistically attainable) things that will probably make me feel a lot better if i get them in the next twelve hours:

1. autumn.
2. fufu berry jones.
3. the guy who plays james bond.
4. kylie+a giant bag of veggie straws+5 million super funny stories she has to tell me.
5. mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cake cone (you're wrong, those cones ARE NOT disgusting!)
6. a bachelor's degree and a job.

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