20 September 2011

happy chinese time!

1. from here on out, i'm basically running an eleven credit semester to december, and it's a huge relief.  chinese is kicking my bum like you don't even know, and i'm going to need all of the extra time i can get my hands on to study and do well.
2. it's still in the hundreds during the day here in az, but mornings and evenings in the past week have been really lovely.  this means cooler weather is so close to being here.  i've especially loved mornings this week.  and biking when it's cooler makes me so happy, it's kind of silly.
3. i get texts like this from my sister:

if you don't find this as hilarious as i do, it's either that you have a different sense of humor, or that you have a more sophisticated sense of humor.  probably the latter, i consider myself pretty juvenile for cracking up every time i see this.  however, i do have the benefit of hearing kylie say this in my head when i read it, and i think that's where the crack-up effect comes from.
4. whaaaaaaaaat?  why didn't someone this of this sooner?  but seriously... 2016-ish, for real?!?  build it faster!
 5. after studying chinese (futilely, i still feel dumb) for hours, i decided to indulge in some good, ol' fake chinese food for dinner.  to balance out the fake-ness, i used chopsticks - totally evened everything out.  anyway, i definitely overestimated how much i thought i could eat, but it was still sooooo good.

my t.a. for chi 101 does this thing in the middle of each class called "happy chinese time" where we learn something random about chinese culture or the language.  i think i one-upped all of his "happy chinese time"s and had the best one yet tonight.

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