04 September 2011

pursuit of happiness.

first off, don't judge.  you wish you could wear something like this and feel totally confident and comfortable with yourself.  also, definitely went out into the neighborhood to my mailbox in this outfit - plus one pair of brown boat shoes.  yeeeeeeah.

but i'd like to turn your attention to the two thingamadillies hanging off of the mirror here.

one is a wind chime.  the other is a dream catcher.

the dream catcher i got yesterday in prescott.  i've had a few really wild dreams lately that are quite uncharacteristic of any dreams i've ever had in my life, and i find them somewhat troubling.  but also, dream catchers are also said to filter out bad thoughts and energies and keep the good stuff around you.  i don't know about you, but good qì sounds great to me.

the wind chime is something i got a month or two ago.  it's kind of hard to see, but the wooden dealio in the middle shows the chinese character for fire.  in wu xing (wikipedia entry: here.  super interesting, you can decide for yourself which element you identify most with!) culture, fire symbolizes many things, and creativity is one of them.  studying creative writing and all, i figure creativity is something i could use once in a while.

to be honest, i'm not totally positive that i believe in this kind of stuff.  i mean, it's cool to think that strange, semi-cultural trinkets like these actually play a part in happiness and good fortune.  but at the same time i know that life is what you make of it, and good energy in generated by the self.  but i guess it can't hurt to have a little psychological help.

in my leisure class this week, we talked about happiness and how it can best be achieved.  i really liked how it was discussed that one of the number one ways people achieve happiness is through their religious faith, especially because i know that for me personally that is the most true thing ever.  but did you know that happiness is partly genetic?

one student in my class took this to mean, "i guess that means my mom's constant unhappiness explains why i'm not happy often."  she put this to her discussion post on blackboard... and at first i wasn't going to have any of the pity-pity garbage, and i was going to respond a little harshly.  but i stepped back for a few minutes and considered the fact that maybe this girl really believed she had a disadvantage in the quest for happiness.  and so i responded to her as cheerfully as i could make it out to be and tried to be encouraging.  and you know what?  i was happy when i finished.

happiness, good thoughts, creativity and all that stuff?  it mostly comes because you choose them.  you choose to be happy and creative and to have good thoughts.  everything else - the trinkets, the genes, and maybe even religion - it's just extra padding that helps out.  a lot.  there are plenty of bicyclists who are feel perfectly safe without the protective gear, and there are some who use the protection to feel even safer.

but i think the point is that they all get out and ride.

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