23 September 2011

cathartic ride.

i think i said here recently that i've been feeling quite restless lately.  and all of that restlessness exploded out of me as i left the library late tonight, annoyed to the nth degree that i was at the library and not in a camping chair next to a campfire with a burnt marshmallow.  when i grabbed my bike and started heading toward my car the thought popped into my head: i need to ride my bike.  hard and fast.

and so i did.  i went to tempe beach park and rode.  the feeling was so addicting.  sometimes on downhills i would lean forward on my bike, curve my back a little, and let the back of my shirt lift in the wind just a little bit.  doing so made me think that, those motorcyclists i always see on the road who do that?  they don't do it because they think they look really good from behind and they want to show off.  they do it because it feels so good, and there's this freedom and pure joy associated with riding with nothing but the bare minimum - no protective gear, no bells and whistles.

i flew over and down hills, i raced airplanes that flew over my head, i visited my favorite spot by the lake, and passed countless lovers all along the mile stretch from mill avenue to rural road.  it was good.  it felt good.

and on my way back, i passed this group of four bicyclists.  one of them was a total hipster, and i saw him eyeing my bike and i kept thinking, i see you, hipster.  you know you like my bike, so say something about it.  don't be prideful about it.

and then he said, nice bicycle.

and i said, thank you.

and we rode our separate ways.

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