25 August 2011

tài nán le!

one week in and i'm already behind (that's with three one hundred level classes, and one of them doesn't even have any homework).  not to mention i still have to find a thesis director, given that the prospectus is due in three weeks (yikes).  impressive, huh?

this week has been out of control.  like, when did the first week of school ever require so much work?  and when did arizona get so ridiculously hot?  and when did the east coast decide it would steal all the natural disaster fun from the rest of us (slash, i'm mildly concerned that my family is going to get swept away this weekend...)?

the most frustrating of my classes?  chinese 101.  for the life of me i can't get the tones down, and it annoys me to death.

fortunately, this video exists.  i've watched it at least five or six times.  and you can bet that when it comes time for the tones part of my dictation quiz tomorrow, the whole time i'm going to be silently imitating what i imagine to be throngs of little chinese babies.


  1. seriously. life is KILLING me right now. let's be freshmen again. human event is actually sounding appealing in comparison...

  2. haha... is it weird that i started missing human event a long time ago?