06 August 2011

stream of consciousness post, sorry.

things i love right now:

1. desert boots.  mine just came in the other day and i'm thrilled/tempted to start caring about what i wear now just so i can wear these babies out.
2. turntable.  aka, the biggest time-sucker if i ever came across one.  if you're into discovering new tunes, and you want to spend more hours than you care to admit finding such music, get in here asap.

3. gubler.  SUCH a cool man.

4. holy cupcake recipes.

5. this dress (which is, in fact, of the wedding variety... i open up the floor to your judging).

6. um, yes.

do you know what else i love?  back to school season.

when i was but a mini-geek many july months were spent in agony, waiting for august to come.  because august is when mother goose took us out shopping for the new school year, and it was seriously my favorite thing ever to go out and do that with her.  august doesn't have an official holiday, but back-to-school shopping was a holiday in my book.

and it wasn't necessarily the clothes i was excited about getting.  it was most definitely the school supplies.  the new notebooks, the lisa frank folders, the pencils and the pens.  the only bad part about back-to-school season was that mother goose made us wait until we were actually in school to use everything.  since i am the most impatient person in the world, this was difficult.

now, this time of year is a little different.

i'm to the point where i'm over buying new clothes, and even though it's still nice to have them, the thrill isn't necessarily there anymore.  besides, the beginning of a new school year used to mean the beginning of autumn.  that season doesn't really exist here, and fall clothes have to wait until november, pretty much.

i never had to buy textbooks in grade school, and even though just about all of my books are just normal books and not textbooks, it's still a stinker for my bank account.

laptops and smartphones and other such things have just about taken away my need for pens and paper when it comes to school.  it's an unfortunate stage to be in, as it also means the doodling days are over... but to be honest, sometimes i purposefully handwrite notes in the classes i find most boring just so i can draw pictures in a notebook.

aaaand, i never had to pay bills in grade school.

i'm glad that summer is going to be over in that i won't be forced to work forty hours a week, but it's somewhat frightening to think about working and schooling at the same time.  yesterday i worked eight hour shifts at BOTH of my jobs (worst.friday.ever.) and even though i was exhausted, cranky, hungry, and annoyed at everything when i came home after midnight last night, i was mostly okay with it because it meant i could do stuff.  like eat.  and live in an air-conditioned house.

soon i'll have to worry about being able to do that AND doing well in my classes AND working on my thesis AND working on my application to grad skool AND not dying.

t-minus twelve days.

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