15 August 2011

straight from the horse's mouth.

you know, after reading your blog, i've decided that you really are a hipster.

what!!  ...why??

you dress funny, you wear scarves in your hair, you wear funny boots, you listen to weirdy music, you ride your bike everywhere, you do nothing but read, and you have a blog.  all you need now is to drink non-alcoholic beer and get feather extensions in your hair.

i don't know why, but i thought for sure that kylie would be on my side and agree with me that i am not a hipster.  even my own family members are against me.

i do have some comments regarding each of her qualifications for the classification, however.

1. are jeans and a t-shirt funny-looking?  because i pretty much wear that every day.
2. sometimes i wear hats, too.
3. my new boots are cool.
4. my music isn't that weird.  in fact, my tastes are fairly mainstream, which is a big hipster NO-NO.
5. i don't ride my bike everywhere because i don't have a helmet to feel safe enough to ride everywhere.  yet.
6. i've actually hardly read at all this summer.  sadface.
7. many people have blogs, and they aren't hipsters.
8. i don't think i really knew non-alcoholic beer existed before this last weekend... nonetheless, no.
9. i don't think i like the feather extension trend, to be honest... and it's not just because i have a feeling that rooster deaths have significantly increased in recent months.  i just think they look weird.  and i'd rather have a scarf on my head, thank you.  (also, kind of a random note: fly fisherman hate them, too.)

yeah?  convincing enough?  maybe?

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