19 August 2011

senior year: definitely NOT coming full circle.

first of all, i'd like to say that high school senioritis is nothing compared to the college strand of the disease.

anyway, i did something yesterday that would have made my high school senior self absolutely cringe.

even though it's going to be busy as anything, my creative writing class this semester is going to be the best.  i know it.

but i feel like after yesterday, my class is highly suspicious of me and whether or not i deserve to be in the class/program.

when we went around introducing ourselves on thing we had to share was a long-term goal of ours.  the professor said, "share a dream of yours, the one thing you absolutely want to achieve in life."

a lot of people want to publish books, one wanted to do comics, another video games, a few magazine people, and even one translator, which i thought was fantastic.

when it came to be my turn, do you know what i said?

i want a family.  i want to have kids.

and then i hastily added:

...and i want to read and write with them.

and while the second half of that is absolutely true, i feel like if i hadn't added it onto my statement my answer wouldn't have been acceptable to my peers or my high school senior self.  at all.  this is the unfortunate world we live in.

but really, this is what i want.

last fall, one of my classes involved tutoring two of about forty kids at the salvation army - helping them with their homework, working with them on reading/writing and math.  for my honors project for that class, i got to work with all of the kids for six days in the semester and do little creative writing activities with them.  i helped them think a little more creatively and write little stories, and they came up with some really good stuff!

the class in general was a pain in the neck and more work than the three credits we were being given.  but getting those kids excited about writing was one of the most rewarding things i have ever done in.my.entire.life.  and i want more than anything to do it all again with my own kids.

so there it is, a dream of mine, one thing i absolutely want to achieve in life.  judge me.

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