04 August 2011


in case you are wondering/not sure/constantly looking at me funny trying to figure out "what i am"...

i am half asian; specifically, of the chinese variety.  genetically, my mom is all chinese (i feel it necessary to specify genetically and not necessarily by personality for the sake of remaining in her good graces), and my dad is a white boy.  put them together and you've got me - a hybrid (according to christian lander's book: "aesthetically pleasing but often very annoying"), if you will.

as such, i have one set of ultra-cute, asian grandparents.

and amongst all my memories of them, the ones that are my favorite are of them in the mornings doing their tai chi exercises.  they always told me to try it with them because it's supposed to be good for me.  i shied away from such practices because, well, it looks silly.  and heaven forbid i make a fool of myself.

this fall i'm enrolled in a tai chi chuan class, and let me tell you: not only will i be burning as many calories as i would be if i was surfing (and almost as many as skiing!), i'm also increasing my health benefits by a lot (apparently).  did you know that tai chi helps lower stress levels, improve sleep patterns, relieve chronic pain, reduce anxiety and/or depression, improve balance, flexibility and muscular strength, and even improve conditions associated with ADD, ADHD, and various compulsive or obsessive disorders?

shoot, if i had known all of this earlier, i would have probably joined my grandparents a long time ago.

i'm mostly in this class for the relaxation/stress release aspect of the exercise.  school starts in two weeks, and even though the geek in me is kind of glad/excited, i.am.freaking.out. because this semester is going to be clutch.

and maybe when all is said and done, and i see my ultra-cute asian grandparents again i can spend a couple of mornings with them.  :)

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