27 August 2011

pretending i still live on the east coast.

i just got off the phone with my family a little while ago.  they are currently camping out in their basement amid fears of tornados caused by the hurricane, preparing to not have power or cell phone service for the next day or two, and enjoying the chance to sleep in since their church is cancelled tomorrow morning.

my response when i was informed of this?


for the record, this was kylie's reaction, too.  so, i'm not the only psycho.

it's not really a secret that sometimes i'll downplay the importance of safety for the sake of excitement and stories to tell.  in fact, i've done it here, herehere, here, here, and even in that little profile ditty on the right somewhere.

i think it has to do with the fact that i've never really experienced true terror in my life before, and sometimes i'm a little too fearless for my own good (if you like irony, i credit my lack of fear to my belief that i have a good head on my shoulders).  i think it's also because crazy weather meant really good things for me as a back east.

for example:

school cancelled because of snow?  you can bet mom will put cinnamon rolls in the oven that day!
storm cause the lights in the house to go out?  you get to light candles (slash, play with fire)!
heat wave causing worries over power outages across the grid?  you get to go home early from work!

so what if i wish i was gearing up for a hurricane right now?  so what if i miss living in a place that can cancel school due to weather conditions?  so what if i miss working at the grocery store serving panicked/overzealous customers with french toast syndrome (where are your eggs?milk?bread?)?  so what if i'd rather be camping out with my family than doing homework/watching the cardinals game (the game is awesome, by the way.  it's a little weird to see kolb play for the cardinals, but the way he's playing tonight is making me totally okay with his presence here)?

but let's be serious for a second.  people have died, after all.

i sincerely hope everyone is staying safe out there and making smart decisions.  blizzards, earthquakes (no matter how small!), and hurricanes aren't things to mess around with, and the east coast has gotten all three of them this year.  thankfully preparations seem to have been made in advance, and lots of people have gotten ready for this.  but still, things happen.

pray with me for everyone this weekend please!!

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  1. Latest update: We have power!! But we are also stranded. Perkiomen Creek is flooded on both sides, even the little bridge under the power lines.

    23 tornados reported in the area last night, so I guess your dad wasn't crazy. Sleeping in the basement takes away all the cool rain and wind sounds though.

    According to Bro. Tiller, all of Collegeville has no power (including him). Only we and the Halls have power.

    Low, Edie Gavin, Fultz, L'Heureux,Fred Byrd all flooded. Homes in Behunin's neighborhood have flooded not only their basements, but ground floor too. But Aubrey had multiple sump pumps running and also a generator, so they're fine.

    A family driving on 113 was washed into the creek and not found.

    The priesthood phone chain has not stopped this morning. Checking and confirming who is ok and who needs help. But we are good. Should start those cinnamon rolls now. Love you!